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Paige Braden

Mortgage Banker  //  NMLS# 2099819

Paige Braden is a seasoned professional in the mortgage industry, boasting nearly 11 years of experience. With a passion for helping individuals achieve their dreams of homeownership, Paige has served as a Mortgage Banker with Flat Branch Home Loans for the past three years. Recently, she embarked on an exciting new chapter by joining the Molly Dean Team, where she is dedicated to learning and growing alongside industry leaders.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Paige finds joy in her role as a parent and partner. She shares her life with her loving fiancé, Blaine, and together they nurture a beautiful blended family, including two wonderful stepchildren, Miller and Sony, as well as their adorable baby girl, Rorie.

In her leisure time, Paige indulges in various hobbies, including golfing, gardening, and relishing precious moments with her family at Lake of the Ozarks. At home, she is accompanied by two beloved feline companions, Jane and Josie, who bring warmth and playfulness to her family.

With a commitment to excellence in both her personal and professional pursuits, Paige Braden embodies dedication, compassion, and a relentless drive for success.

[email protected](816) 588-4191
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